Retaildo Point Of Sale

The POS that’s easy to set up and use that will make your life easier and more profitable.

Everything you need to run your business

POS known as cashier, register or cash counter. It is a software and hardware are responsible for sales and accept payment, It is everything you need to sell products or services.

Retaildo POS

It is a software that run all the transactions necessary for selling process and registering the sales, it is running for tablet, iPad or PC. Manage and monitoring the cash drawer with supporting to reduce the manipulations at shift closure summary. Retail POS allows the employee to add now customers also apply discount and refund process.

Simplicity & Trusted

Retaildo point of sale is installed at your device with sync to the cloud to keep your data secure and recall your data from any device you logging from, If the internet connection getting unstable your device will keep your data, when restored, will automatically sync your data with the cloud.

Offline Mode

Will keep your data If the internet connection getting unstable and automatically sync your data with the cloud.

Quick Products

It's a panel supporting to easy access for the repeated products Or Adjustable for fitting your performance.

Register shifts

Enabling to switch from employee to another at the same machine with Review of the cash custody for each employee.

Cash Movement

Its for enabling the register to pay bills like utility bills with keeping the cash balanced.

Multi Language

You can use different language at your own window without changing the language setting in order to support different cultures.

PIN code access

Developed for personalizing the transactions and the cash receivable with the employee related.

Search & Scan

Search customers and products to speeding up the sales process. support the most types of barcode scanners.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For proficient and speeding up the sales process, it will be reflected on customers satisfaction level.

Split Payments

You can complete single payment in multiple ways.

Multiple payment

Supported for cash, credit cards, gift cards or any payment solutions.

Email Receipt

Send a copy of the receipt to customer mail.


For speeding-Up process calculation anything at your hand.


Spend less time & Interesting

Offers a variety of features that adapt to your local circumstances.

Night mode

Benefits for Your Health, it’s helps to reduce the radiation of blue light and overall screen brightness.

Park Cart

It’s enabled the point of sale or register to suspend receipt process temporarily without delay to the queue.

Point-of-sale hardware for every sale

From retail to restaurants and everything in between, Retaildo has the hardware you will need to run your business smoothly and securely. From purchasing to setup, know your hardware needs are covered.

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